Uprooting the Drug War

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I’m excited to let you know that we just launched Uprooting the Drug War, our major new initiative that exposes the insidious ways the drug war has taken root in six critical systems: education, employment, housing, child welfare, immigration, and public benefits.

Please visit the site to learn more and spread the word on social media.

We all know that drug war policies have resulted in the criminalization, arrest, and incarceration of low-income people and people of color. But the harms and impact of the drug war go far beyond the criminal legal system its roots are deeply embedded in almost every aspect of daily life. 

Uprooting the Drug War is an interactive website with a series of reports, resources, and personal stories to raise awareness and illustrate how the drug war has infiltrated systems we depend on and doled out punishments that go far beyond arrest and incarceration.



Even as there is growing momentum for treating drug use as a matter of personal and public health, the systems on which we would normally rely to advance an alternative approach are infested with the same culture of punishment as the criminal legal system.

Uprooting the Drug War exposes where the “drug war logic” of punishment instead of support fuels policies that compound the harms suffered by people who use drugs and people who are targeted by drug war enforcement. It reveals how punishment for drug use is not limited to the criminal legal system — it shows up in the very systems that people interact with on a daily basis.

Did you know? 

The drug war has wormed its way into all these systems, harms everyone, and impacts every aspect of life. It is not enough to simply stop arrests or get people out of prisons and jails. To end the drug war, we need to uproot it from all systems but we can’t do it alone. 

It’s a collective and intersectional fight that must happen in partnership with people like you and allies from everywhere the drug war touches. This project has been years in the making and it’s a call to action for all of us to work together, across movements, to fully extract the drug war and its culture of criminalization from our communities.

I hope you will visit Uprooting the Drug War and share it on social media. And please stay tuned over the coming months as we continue to dig deeper into how the drug war has warped our systems, wormed its way into our daily lives, and what we can do about it.

Kassandra Frederique   With gratitude and hope,

Kassandra Frederique
Executive Director
Drug Policy Alliance

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