Recovery Tools, Education, Resources

This site provides links to some of our favorite resources and tools to support your road to improved well-being.

Helpful Apps


Pleasure Unwoven, Addiction a Choice or a Disease-Youtube

Johan Harri – Everything You Thought You Knew About Addiction is Wrong

Overdose Information

Recovering From Opioid Overdose.pdf


Harm Reduction – Moderation Based Use

National Harm Reduction Coalition

Getting Off Right Brochure

Harm Reduction Coalition – Info and strategies aimed at reducing negative consequences with drug use.

NextDistro.Org – An online and mail-based harm reduction platform provides free clean syringe kits via mail when no local syringe exchange program is available.

BTNX.Com – Purchase fentanyl test strips.

Mental Health Support

If you need mental health support from the Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

Mutual Aid Support Groups

In the Rooms: a wide variety of online meetings 7 days a week, including AA, NA, dual diagnosis, crystal methamphetamines, Wellbriety, and more.

Online Intergroup of AA – Thousands of online AA groups – largest variety and selection of group types.

AA Worldwide (AA);

Narcotics Anonymous (NA);

Heroin Anonymous (HA);

Cocaine Anonymous (CA);

Marijuana Anonymous (MA);

SMART Recovery;

Celebrate Recovery;

Refuge Recovery; Buddhist Inspired

Dual Recovery; Dual Diagnosis Support

Double Trouble; Dual Diagnosis Support

Gamblers Anonymous (GA);

Over Eaters Anonymous (OA)

Recovery Cafés; All Addiction Support

Recovery Speakers; Useful information for people at any stage of their recovery, as well as for those concerned about someone struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism.

Medication for Addiction Recovery Support Groups

National Alliance for Medicated Assisted Recovery (NAMA);

Medicated Assisted Recovery Anonymous (MARA);

Medication Assisted Recovery Services (MARS);

Mental Health Online Support

Addiction Education

William White, Historian-Researcher;

Addiction Education Society;

Education, resources,


Family Resources


Nar-Anon Family Groups

Families Anonymous – FA is a 12 step fellowship for the family and friends of those individuals with drug, alcohol or related behavioral issues. We are here to help!

SMART Recovery: includes groups and online forums for families & friends

Community Re-enforcement and Allies Training-

HBO Documentary on CRAFT in its Addiction Series

Learn To Cope – offers support groups in Spanish

Income Tax Assistance & Credit Repair Kits

Do it yourself credit repair kit Step by step instructions on repairing your credit

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Provides free income tax returns for those who have income under $60K; Can go 3 years back. Helps remove the fears associated with not filling.

Available across the country, in every state December through April. Click on the title to find your local volunteers.


Journey to Recovery Insightful articles on healing

The Temper – Learning how to live without the drug or drink

The Fix – Alcohol, addiction & recovery news, straight up

Hungry – Body Imaging – Unhealthy Association with Food

Noom – Health, Wellness & Fitness; Helping people lead healthier lives through behavior change


Journey to Recovery – Guidance on navigating recovery

Pathways of Recovery




Mental Well Being – Self Improvement


Practices and tools for finding clarity in your life.

Your Personal Medicine Worksheet by Pat Deegan

Happiness Scale

The Pursuit of Happiness

Mood Trackers




Daily OM Inspiration, meditation, positive affirmation articles

Reuse Prevention


Making Recovery Less Likely Institute for Addiction Study

Trauma, Healing, & Self Help Guides

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Foundation (CPTSD); Daily support groups, education, newsletter and blog on healing from CPTSD

Common Responses to Trauma –

National Center for Domestic & Sexual Violence –

Emotional Health

Mindfulness Exercises Mindfulness is non-judgmental awareness of your present moment experience which helps restore natural balance and develop coping skills to avoid return to use. Mindfulness helps with overall health and well-being and is strong role-modeling for children.


National & Local Resources

  • State Specific Dial 211 or search 211 in yours state
  • Aunt Bertha https://www.auntbertha.comSearch for free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, and more.

Pregnant Women & New Parent

Recovery Answers – RecoveryAnswers.Org

  • Supportive measures and resources

Biosound Healing

HIV/AIDS Prevention, Testing & Treatment

Oraquick at Home HIV test kit. Test in the privacy of your own home. Results in 20 minutes.






Anger Management

Anger Management Workbook for Substance Use and Mental Health – from SAMHSA-Free

Daily Inspirations

Chaos and Kindness 24/7 phone message

Recovery Advocacy

Recovery Advocacy Project (RAP);

Faces and Voices of Recovery

Mobilize Recovery;

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