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‘Sober Bars’ Are Giving More And More Recovering Alcoholics A Social Place For Fun Without Booze

At Choices Peer Recovery Coach Trainings we understand that getting sober is already a challenge, but it can also be difficult to stay on the wagon when drinking and hanging out in bars is such a common social activity for adults.

Thankfully, “Sober bars” like the Cherokee Recovery Village in Bastrop, Texas are providing recovered addicts and alcoholics with a space for community, fun, and sobriety support.

Instead of serving beer and liquor, the bar serves beverages like kombucha and coffee and they host events like karaoke nights, fundraisers, and community dinners.

Not only has the bar appealed to people undergoing the 12-step program, it has also appealed to people experimenting with the health benefits of sobering up for shorter periods of time.

Cherokee Recovery Village owner Paul French, who is a licensed chemical dependency counselor as well as a former addict, says the bar helps recovering alcoholics become adjusted to typical bar environments without feeling tempted to drink.

“This is exposing yourself to triggers intentionally to weaken those triggers,” he told KEYE in the interview below.

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