Recovery is a journey. Enjoy the ride!

Insight for the Journey: Feeling Normal Again

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Commonly Attributed to Winston Churchill

When the decision to enter recovery is made; the addiction is often out of control.

Residual Effects – Over Reactions

This is how most people enter their first days of recovery and there are numerous after-effects. The chaos of addiction lingers after recovery begins. Often, every nerve is on fire, every relationship strained, every thought tainted, and every moment colored by addiction and withdrawal. Just as a car continues forward after the brake is applied, so the damaging momentum of substance use lingers.

Regaining Normal

People in early recovery are suffering; they don’t see the beauty of the world, at least not yet.

The person new in recovery might snap, “Shut up with your stupid bouncing colors-what is that to me!” This answer is straight out of the emotional and physical pain of withdrawal which now, taints everything.

During this early recovery period, endure the irritability, resist the urge to stare at the inconveniences of life, and focus on the positive future.

Peace and the contentment of recovery are just ahead. Recovery is a journey.

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Insight for the Journey: Feeling Normal Again

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