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Choices trainings are solution-focused.

Any Choices training can be abbreviated or customized for content and hours to meet your population’s learning needs.

Please Contact Us for more information or call us at 603.918.6510. If your  state requires a 40-hour training for certification, Choices can blend any of the below trainings to meet your needs.

Choices Peer Recovery Coach Training-Customizable

This training is designed for individuals looking to begin their journey as a peer recovery support specialist or peer recovery coach in the substance use field; or for those who are looking to learn how to better engage with those suffering from Substance Use Disorder (SUD). This training provides 30 CEs. Choices is a NAADAC Approved Provider.

Participants often include family members, law enforcement, first responders, social workers, community partners, policy makers, CASAs or GALs, or anyone that has been affected by or from SUD.

Peer recovery coaches walk side by side with individuals seeking recovery from substance use disorders. They help people to create their own recovery plans and develop their own recovery pathways. Through empathy and empowerment, the coach builds a unique relationship with an individual in or seeking recovery that is grounded in trust, and focused on providing the individual with tools, resources, and support to achieve their short, and long-term drug use and wellness goals. Peer recovery coaches work in a range of settings, including recovery community centers, drug courts, treatment centers, religious communities and more. and primary care settings. In addition to providing the range of support encompassed in the peer recovery coach role, they take an active role in outreach and engagement within these settings to educate communities around SUD to improve outcomes.

If you're looking for specific Addiction training to meet your needs Ginger will work with you to adapt the curriculum.

Choices Ethical Foundations For Peer Recovery Coaches - 10 - 16 Hours.

This training prepares newcomers to the human service field with the necessary knowledge to perform their work. The focus of this training will define Ethics in the human service field for the peer recovery coach. This training explores the importance of boundaries and boundary management in a human service field with a specific focus on boundary management when working with the SUD population.

Participants will explore adverse outcomes resulting from unethical decision making and poor boundary management. Participants will be introduced to HIPAA, 42CFR P 2, The 4 Domains and a state specific code of ethics for Peer Recovery Support Workers. Through this training, participants are introduced to ethical decision making models.

This training can be tailored to meet your community’s unique learning needs. State specific codes are utilized in all trainings.

Choices Motivational Interviewing 101 - 6 Hours

One of the most critical and valuable tools in life, Ginger has coined the phrase Motivational Conversation or Motivational Collaboration as the hallmark of Motivational Interviewing training for peer recovery support. This powerful interactive course provides the fundamental knowledge of Motivational Interviewing with a special focus on service delivery of a peer coach.

This non-clinical and NAADAC approved motivational interviewing training will introduce core concepts of MI and the concept of ambivalence. Active listening skills will be emphasized. The foundational skills in MI and OARS will be the primary focus of this foundational training.

Choices Motivational Interviewing 201 - 6 Hours

Please note that Motivational Interviewing 101 is a prerequisite to the 201 course. Participants will review and demonstrate OARS before moving on to advanced learning skills in Motivational Interviewing, such as complex reflections.

Choices Motivational Interviewing 301 - 6 Hours

Please note that Motivational Interviewing 101 and 201 are prerequisites. Through the use of OARS and complex reflections, these interactive trainings teach the use of advanced skills in MI, such as developing discrepancy.

Active listening is a key concept in all three courses.

Please join Choices Motivational Interviewing Facebook Group to practice your skills.

HIV/AIDS for Peer Recovery Coaches - 6 Hours

This nationally approved HIV/AIDS peer recovery support training provides knowledge of HIV/AIDS, HBV & HCV transmission, risk factors, and protective factors. Knowledge of testing and treatment is reviewed, with testing and harm reduction conversations woven throughout. Emphasis is placed on the role of a peer coach working within the SUD field and their role relative to HIV/AIDS, HEP B & HEP C when supporting someone with any of these diagnoses.

Suicide Prevention for Non-Clinical Workers - 6 Hours

Suicide prevention for peer recovery support training delivers education on mental illness and mental health. The role of a peer worker is not the same as a clinician; therefore, role clarity is discussed. A peer recovery coach must be able to identify possible signs of mental illness and know when to refer an individual to a higher, specialized level of care.

This suicide prevention for peer recovery coach training explores the relationships between mental illness, SUD and suicide. Participants will learn how to navigate a discussion with their participants around suicide. Participants will learn to identify “imminent danger” and master  protocol in handling crisis situations.

This training can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs.

Peer Recovery Coaches in the Emergency Department - 6 Hours

This training's focus is on peer recovery coaching in the EDs and ERs.  Topics covered include boundary management, relationship building, advocacy and building rapport with the recoveree are the topics of this training, along with the importance of Motivational Conversation. Read More.

“The “President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis,” recommended the immediate engagement of recovery support services while the patient is still in the Emergency Department or inpatient hospital setting.” Faces and Voices of Recovery

This training is suitable for:

  • Hospital Staff
  • Peer Recovery Coaches
  • EMTs, and other First Responders
  • Supervisors of Peer Coaches

Choices trainings are recovery focused.

Any Choices training can be abbreviated or customized for content and hours to meet your population’s learning needs. Learn more About Us or contact us for more information at 603.918.6510.

If you are looking for a specific training, please reach out. We have a wealth of connections and an abundance of resources. We are confident in our ability to refer you to the information you need.

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To Find Out More About Hosting A Training Please Contact Us Here.

To Find Out More About Hosting A Training Please Contact Us Here.

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Our Trainers

bret Smith at Choices A Passion For Purpose

Bret Smith

is a licensed CRSW and Certified Peer Specialist in the State of New Hampshire and is a nationally Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist. He is the Lead Peer Specialist on the Intensive Transition Team with the Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester. Bret is a member of the NH Behavioral Health Disaster Team, and a member of the Peer Review Committee for the New Hampshire State Board of Licensing for Alcohol and other Drug Use Professionals. Additionally, Bret is an Information Expert for the ICRC Peer Division.

Bret is a trainer of Choices Recovery Support Specialist Training and Choices Ethical Foundations for Peer Recovery Coaches, NAMI Connect Suicide Prevention, Choices HIV/AIDS for Recover Support Workers, BRSS TACS Peer Specialist Training, and an Organizational Trainer for Intentional Peer Support. Additionally he is a Facilitator for WRAP.

Alex Fidalgo

Alexander Fidalgo

Alexander Fidalgo was born in NY, raised in Puerto Rico and Tampa, Florida. He is a person in long term Recovery. Alex is the Recovery Coach for Adcare Hospital in Worcester, MA under the umbrella of Blue Cross blue shield, He also work under Health Resources in Action as a Trainer Associated in the Opioids Prevention Grant.,. His also work as a Mentor for the Hamden county

Sheriff Department his pathway of recovery is Spiritual, he is well committed to his church. He graduated from the Latino Behavior Health Workforce Program and was trained as a Recovery Coach in 2014. Alex has been providing peer recovery services and Supervision for about 6 1/2 years we various agency. He has been a Recovery Coach Trainer and other Curriculum for 5 years under Bureau of Substance Addiction Services, Alexander Fidalgo Advocates for Peer coaching and is well known in the community for his passion for the work, Mr. Fidalgo is CARC, MAPGS Certified. Mr. Fidalgo has been in the Massachusetts area for about 7 year and is well vested in providing mentor- ship and support to this Great State.

Nicole O'Brien

Nicole OBrien

Nicole OBrien's recovery process began in 2008 when she established a relationship with God. Her abstinence date is one year later. She began to facilitate recovery groups and trainings in 2010 to empower others to develop their skills and find their voice. In 2014 she founded Ruth’s Way for Women, a nonprofit that provides recovery services and sober housing for women. Nicole has a Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Counseling, is a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, Recovery Coach Supervisor, and Certified Community Health Worker. She is the Training Chair and Ethics Committee member of the Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing. She is a Drug Court team member, participates with several community based organizations and coalitions.

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