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{Repost} PEOPLE IN the recovery community ARE THE EXPERTS on recovery community

I just wanted to quickly repost this great article that I found.

“Don Coyhis is the founder of White Bison the American Indian/Alaska Native recovery community organization. Last year he received the distinguished lifetime achievement award at the Faces & Voices America Honors Recovery Award Dinner. He certainly deserved that award. It was a great honor simply spend time with him on that night, which was also one of the most memorable nights of my own recovery journey.

One of things he talked about was how when federal funding came to support the work of White Bison. Federal grant officers were concerned at the time that their methods were not evidence based in ways that traditional services are defined. White Bison told the grant officers that they had several thousands of years of evidence on what worked in their community. Ultimately, they were allowed the latitude to serve their community as they saw fit, as it was recognized that they were the experts on their own community. ¬†White Bison flourished.”

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