peer recovery coach training in raymond NH

Choices delivers Peer Recovery Coach Training in Raymond, NH.

Choices delivers Peer Recovery Coach Training in Raymond, NH.

Choices Peer Recovery Training, and Ginger Ross, is honored to welcome 22 new trainer peer coaches to NH communities. Ron Bodendorf is quated saying, “I’ve attended all 3 models of recovery coach training and this one is by far the best.”

This training is designed for individuals that are looking to begin their journey as a peer recovery support specialist or peer recovery coach in the substance use field. Or, for those who are looking to learn how to better engage with those who suffer from Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Participants often include family members, law enforcement, first responders, social workers, community partners, policy makers, CASA’s or GALs, or anyone that has been effected by or from SUD.


Peer Recovery Coaches possess powerful experiential knowledge that can aid others in initiating and sustaining recovery. This ccourse is designed to harness the power of the experiential knowldege and combine it with research and knowledge to provide the necessary skills to become an effective and ethical recovery coach. Participants will gain a strong foundation of the roles of a peer recovery coach and how the roles are different from other traditional and existing support methods. Participants will be introduced to the many concepts and skills involved in effective recovery coaching and prepare them for professional roles to serve their communities as peer support advocates.


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