The Choices Name: Choices - A Passion for Purpose

Our name sends a message that we are all on a unique journey: a journey of growth and change focused on the inner autonomy and strength that we all possess while finding our way...

It took me a while to come up with my tag line, A Passion For Purpose. Suddenly, one day as I was teaching a peer coach training, as many times before, I heard and felt that many were in the training because they found their calling, their purpose and the passion to help others was powerful.  After hearing these messages time and time again, it came to me - most of us have a passion to find our purpose, and working with people in recovery - our passion is to help others find their purpose. -- Ginger Ross

Choices A Passion For Purpose

Meet Ginger Ross

Choices Peer Recovery Coach Trainings was founded in 2018 by Ginger Ross. She has authored all of the trainings offered by Choices, Peer Recovery Support Trainings.

Ginger began her career in publishing when she founded NH Wedding Magazine in 1998. After life’s twists and turns, Ginger found herself a survivor of an abusive relationship and in recovery from alcoholism. After a five-year divorce process and learning all too well the challenges within the court system, Ginger began her wellness job working for NH Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors Association in 2014, at the onset of the peer recovery coach movement.

In March 2014, the ED of NHADACA sent Ginger to the Recovery Coach Academy and Trainer of Trainers. Ginger found her passion and purpose. She shadowed Jim Wuelfing at her first training and began to get requests to do Recovery Coach Academies around NH.

By August of 2016, Ginger was trained in Recovery Coach Academy, Ethics for Peer Support and Suicide Prevention – NAMI Model, Recognize and Connect. For NH certification there was still one training required, but very hard to find. While still employed at NHADACA, she found herself fielding numerous phone calls from people seeking peer recovery coach trainings. Ginger saw an immediate and urgent need and set out to address it, creating her first HIV/AID trainings for peer coaches in 2016.

In 2016, Ginger went on to launch a new state funded program through Granite Pathways, called Regional Access Point Services (RAPS), which made peer coaches available throughout the state of NH. Simultaneously, she continued providing peer recovery coach trainings.

By January 2017, the demand for peer recovery coach trainings was so high that Ginger founded NH Recovery Coach Academy offering the full library of required trainings to become a certified recovery support specialist in NH (CRSW).

Ginger was certified to train the NAMI Suicide Prevention Recognize & Connect training and found that peer coaches need more than a community focused training. After Certification she created Suicide Prevention for Non-clinical workers in 2018. A core trainer for CCAR, Ginger has been training this model since 2014.

In 2017, Ginger realized the need for an improved Ethics training for Peer Coaches and created Choices, Ethical Foundations for Peer Recovery Coaches. These trainings have been delivered in MA, ME, and NH, and for the former agency where she began her wellness job, NHADACA.

Choices A Passion For PurposeIn 2019, after her work in the field as program manager for some state funded peer coach programs, specifically, Sober Parenting Journey, Strength To Succeed, while also still providing trainings, she decided to create her own Peer Recovery Coach Training.

Ginger has her BA in Psychology, focus on forensics. She trains around New England, Oregon and, soon, Arkansas. Her program has been accepted by the NH State Department of Corrections where she has taught in the prison system to train peer coaches to work at improving outcomes in the jail while preparing residents with work related skills for re-entry into civilian society.

Ginger and her team train all over the country with Choices Peer Recovery Coach trainings, and are currently designing recovery coach trainings for law enforcement called Recovery 50.

In addition, Choices Peer Coach Recovery Trainings currently collaborates with staff member Alex Fidalgo on a Bilingual Peer Recovery Coach and Ethics training.

Ginger’s Passion for Purpose is to educate Guardian Ad Litems and Court Appointed Special Advocates on addiction behaviors, recovery, and emotional abuse. That is her passion for purpose.

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Coaching The Coaches

Quality supervision is hard to find. The Choices team of trainers are authorities on peer coaching and peer trainings.

Nationally approved peer recovery coach trainings and NAADAC-approved peer recovery coach trainings can be even more difficult to access, no matter how needed they are to address the growing disconnect between addiction, abuse and recovery.

Whether you are a policy maker, manager or leader in an organization or a recovery coach, Choices offers the highest quality supervision/coaching and diverse faculty of supervising recovery coaches. Learn about functional outcomes or KPIs, boundary management, and most important: self care for peer recovery coaches.

Our supervisors hold appropriate credentials either in their state or national credential (NCPRSS), providing guidance in every area of peer recovery coaching. Our supervisors’ experiences range from sober living environments and EDs to inpatient and outpatient clinics to recovery centers. Please let us know what your needs are by Contacting Us.


Our Trainers

bret Smith at Choices A Passion For Purpose

Bret Smith

Bret is a licensed CRSW and Certified Peer Specialist in the state of New Hampshire and a nationally Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist. He is the Lead Peer Specialist on the Intensive Transition Team with the Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester. Bret is a member of the NH Behavioral Health Disaster Team, and a member of the Peer Review Committee for the New Hampshire State Board of Licensing for Alcohol and other Drug Use Professionals. Additionally, Bret is an Information Expert for the ICRC Peer Division.

Bret is a trainer for Choices Recovery Support Specialist Training and Choices Ethical Foundations for Peer Recovery Coaches, NAMI Connect Suicide Prevention, Choices HIV/AIDS for Recover Support Workers, BRSS TACS Peer Specialist Training, and an Organizational Trainer for Intentional Peer Support. Additionally, he is a Facilitator for WRAP.

Alex Fidalgo

Alexander Fidalgo

Alexander Fidalgo was born in NY, and later raised in Puerto Rico and Tampa, Florida. He is a person in long term recovery. Alex is the Recovery Coach for Adcare Hospital in Worcester, MA under the umbrella of Blue Cross Blue Shield. He also works under Health Resources in Acton as a Trainer Associated in the Opioids Prevention Grant, as well as a Mentor for Hampden County.

Committed to his church, Alex graduated from the Latino Behavioral Health Workforce Program and was trained as a Recovery Coach in 2014. Alex has been providing peer recovery services and supervision for more than six years with various agencies. He has been a Recovery Coach Trainer for five years with the Bureau of Substance Addiction Services.

Alexander Fidalgo advocates for Peer coaching and is well known in the community for his passion for the work. Mr. Fidalgo is CARC and MAPGS Certified. Alex has been in the Massachusetts area for about seven years and is invested in providing mentorship and support to this great state.

For bilingual trainings offered in Spanish, Choices Peer Coach Recovery Trainings relies on Alexander’s expertise and enthusiasm.

Nicole O'Brien

Nicole OBrien

Nicole O’Brien's recovery process began in 2008 when she established a relationship with God. Her abstinence date followed one year later. She began to facilitate recovery groups and trainings in 2010 to empower others to develop their skills and find their voice. In 2014, she founded Ruth’s Way for Women, a nonprofit that provides recovery services and sober housing for women.

Nicole has a Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Counseling, is a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, Recovery Coach Supervisor, and Certified Community Health Worker. She is the Training Chair and Ethics Committee member of the Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing. She is a Drug Court team member, participating on a regular basis with several community based organizations and coalitions.

In addition, Nicole specifically serves the community of Choices Peer Coach Recovery Trainings by providing faith based peer coach trainings.

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