Parents of Addicted Loved Ones (PAL)

Parents of Addicted Loved Ones (PAL) is a  National faith-based nonprofit that helps families learn healthy ways to deal with an adult child struggling with addiction. Meetings are facilitated by parents who complete the free training program and receive ongoing education. Weekly meetings include an evidence-based educational component using a curriculum written by a Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor, and peer-to-peer support.


This program, free to all participants, offers the education parents need, and the support they want. As the family becomes healthier, the loved one many times chooses to seek recovery.


Our vision is to make PAL available to all who are dealing with this disease. After formalizing into a non-profit in 2015, PAL has grown from 18 meetings in 3 states to 165 meetings in 39 states as well as three weekly phone meetings. The PAL curriculum is also in Spanish. We have 15 PAL meetings in Indiana and continue to grow. Visit or view our brochure; PAL white paper 2020-05

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