How Poverty Changes the Brain-Similarities to SUD

Good day pioneers and advocates.
I invite you to carve out time for this 10 minute read on the effects of poverty and how it changes the brain which ultimately produces ‘bad’ decision making.
Not all of the population people in the recovery field  work with are at poverty level, but many are. On top of the  adverse effects drugs have on the brain, there is an added layer of damage by living at poverty level. This is one of the values that peer coaches bring to our participants, Peer Coaches understand the ‘bad’ decision making as a result of circumstances. The Peer Coach’s role is to know that improved decision making is a long process. We guide and walk with others through this process.
As a peer professionals, we can all understand that ‘bad’ decision making is a result of…, and not moral issues. This will not only enhance our interaction with participants, this understanding can also help us with our own personal self-care by not taking ownership of the outcomes.
Enjoy the read!
Ginger Ross, CRSW, NCPRSS


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