Family Court Sytems-Understanding Addiction & Recovery Training

“One of the most realistic and applicable presentations on recovery I’ve ever attend.”

Carol – Florida GAL

This training is recommended for anyone involved with the Family Court system including GALs, CASA, Parent Attorneys, Family Court Judges, CPSWs.

Recently delivered to the Florida GAL Association, to over 500 participants at each event, the feedback is demonstrative of the benefits of this training in all child welfare service delivery. See the Letter of Recommendation from the Florida GAL Association, ReferenceLtrFloridaGALAssoc.

It’s Time To Change The Stories We Tell Around Addiction and Recovery.

We know addiction has taken a toll on families and all child welfare workers. The mission of this course is to provide foundational, essential information for passionate family court workers to understand addiction as a disease, engagement with a parent who suffers from Substance Use Disorder, as well as the families who suffer with them, and improve outcomes for families.

In this course, you will learn that improved outcomes can be achieved by all community partners learning about recovery from those who survived it. This course will provide a foundational understanding of the grueling process of recovery. Participants will learn about behaviors of addiction, why do people return to use under such severe circumstances, and stages of recovery, plus more.

Your work is vital; and you can improve outcomes for children by learning more about recovery. And, feel more confident about the work you do and the recommendations you make.

$50.00 per training or package price of $225.00 for the five classes.

Training 1 – Understanding Behaviors of Addiction

  • Gain a fundamental understanding of the brain science of addiction – in a language, you can understand
  • Understand the common behaviors of addiction
  • Define Recovery

Training 2 – Understanding Return to Use and Reuse Prevention

  • Understand relapse, slip, and return to use
  • Learn Harm Reduction ideology and Moderation versus abstinence
  • Learn the role of a recovery coach and role clarity in behavioral health
  • Understand the term ‘Pathways of Recovery’

Part 3 – The history of Biases in addiction

  • Learn how implicit biases and the words that are spoken cause life-threatening results
  • Challenge your belief system
  • Understand Stigma and how Addiction came to have such a stigma

Part 4 – Pathways of Recovery & Recovery Capital

  • Define Recovery
  • Learn obstacles and barriers of recovery in real life
  • Learn the stages of change and the stages of recovery
  • Understand the term Recovery Capital
  • Understand the term ‘Pathways of Recovery’
Part 5 – Motivational Interviewing Foundations
  • Learn the skill of Active Listening
  • Learn the benefits of Reflective Lisetning
  • Learn the basics skills of Motivational Conversation – O.A.R.S.
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