2022 Annual ARHE/ARS/AAPG Conference

The Association of Recovery in Higher Education is hosting its 13th Annual Collegiate Recovery Conference along with the 21st Annual Recovery School and Association of Alternative Peer Groups Conferences.

June 13-15, 2022 @ Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Richmond, Virginia

Tuesday 6/14 @ 10 a.m. Progress Monitoring Tools to Define and Advance APG

Practice Presenters: Ginger Ross, & Heidi Cloutier

Tuesday 6/14 at 2 p.m. Defining Essential Supports for the APG  (add Hyperlinked slides)

Presenters: Robin Bergeron, Sierra Riley (LEND  Trainee), Heidi Cloutier

Wednesday 6/15 at 8:30 a.m. APG Partnerships with Schools

Presenters Bob Faghan, Heidi Cloutier

Click  HERE for details and registration information.

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