Community Addiction & Recovery Education (CARE)

Do you work with individuals with Substance Use Disorder and wish you had more knowledge?

Attend this training and get the answers to help improve your understanding!

Addiction takes a toll on families, communities, and human service workers. Addiction is a complicated disease. This course will provide you with essential foundational information to bridge gaps from addiction to recovery. The first step to helping those who suffer from addiction is learning about it. This class is for passionate individuals working in the human service field such as Law Enforcement, EMS, Social Workers, Family Court workers, Human Resouce, Nurses, Physicians, Faith-Based Communities, and family members, and loved ones.

Learn how to positively influence outcomes with this foundational understanding of Substance Use Disorder and the grueling journey of recovery.

Day 1

  1. Basic Understanding of Addiction as a Chronic Disease
  2. Understanding Behaviors of Addiction and Behavior Change
  3. Histories of the Stories We Tell
  4. The Negative Impact on Those Who Suffer

Day 2

  1. Understanding Return-to-use (relapse)
  2. Trauma-Informed Care
  3. What is Recovery?
  4. a. Harm Reduction
    b. Recovery Capital
    c. Pathways of Recovery

"One of the most realistic and applicable trainings I've ever attended."

Carol, FL

"All family court workers need this training."

Ralph, NH

Choices Recovery Trainings is respected for providing relatable trainings to increase knowledge around addiction and recovery and improve outcomes for everyone.

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Choices Trainings is a NAADAC Approved Provider in 25 states (see Upcoming Education page for a list of states for pre approval by NAADAC).
MACPB Approved Provider No. 65423-EP,NYASP Approved Provider No.21-006
Florida Certification Board, Provider No. 53388, NAADAC No.189704
New York Certification Board, Provider No. 20210006.

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