Choices delivers 2 of 4 webinars to Florida GALs – on Addiction & Recovery

Ginger Ross, founder of Choices, is elated to have delivered the 2nd part in a 4 part series to Florida GALs  on Addiction

GAL Recovery Addiction Trainings
GAL Recovery Addiction Trainings Part 2 of 4

and Recovery, with 480 in attendance. The 2nd series topic was on Reuse Prevention.

In the webinar, Ginger posed a poll asking a vital question:

When someone finishes with a 28 day treatment program they:

A. Have achieved successful recovery
B. Must enroll in a 12 step program immediately
C. Are not likely to return to use
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

While the results favored the correct answer, there were still a number of participants that selected “A” or “B”.  This indicates we still have much work to do, Recovery Warriors!

“I want to personally thank all of the GALs that committed their valuable time to learning about addiction and recovery in an effort to better serve their families. The questions I received during the Q&A were valid questions.”

A response from one of the organizers indicated that the trainings are helping partners to understand that cases involved with child welfare aren’t black and white – and that the webinars are helping see the gray.

The remaining two series will cover Biases and Pathways of Recovery.

If you would like to have these presentations delivered to your GAL, CASA or child welfare offices, please contact Ginger Ross at or by phone at 603.918.6510.



I thoroughly enjoyed this webinar! Ms. Ross was EXCELLENT!! I learned a great deal and look forward to the next event! Thank you. Mary E

The webinar was very informative and especially helpful regarding preferred vocabulary. Mollie

THANK YOU for pouring your heart and soul into these trainings, Ginger.  So many people are thinking differently because of your training. Mary


“Living a life in recovery is not always easy, but it’s never as hard as living a life in active addiction. Today, I am living a life I had always dreamed of. Ginger Ross


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