Choices trainings Certified Recovery Peer Specialists in Florida

To become a Certified Recovery Peer Specialist (CRPS) in Florida there are specific training requirements which must be pre-approved by the Florida Certification Board ( Choices Peer Recovery Coach Trainings is Pre Approved by the Florida State Licensing Board – effective January, 2020.

Choices Trainings are newly created and address current skills necessary to prepare individuals to begin delivering peer coach services in all settings. Created and taught by facilitators with extensive experience in peer coaching, supervision, and facilitation. We are the experts in this field for delivering relatable peer recovery coach and peer support specialist training to Florida communities.


Choices core peer addiction recovery coach training satisfies the criteria for 30 hours of training under the below mentioned criteria.

Content Specific Requirements
40 total clock hours of training divided among the following content areas:
• Advocacy: 4 hours minimum
• Mentoring: 6 hours minimum
• Recovery Support: 6 hours minimum
• Cultural and Linguistic Competence: 2 hours minimum
• Motivational Interviewing: 4 hours minimum
• Vicarious Trauma/Self-Care: 2 hours minimum
CRPS-P & Upgrade Standards and Requirements Tables 7
Effective Date: January 2020
• Professional Responsibility: 4 hours minimum

Other trainings include:

  • Ethical Foundations for Peer Recovery Coaches
  • Suicide Prevention for Non-clinical Workers
  • Motivational Conversation Basics for Peer Coaches
  • Peer Recovery Coach in the Emergency Department (ER)
  • and more.

Reach out to schedule your pre-approved Choices Peer Recovery Coach Training today by calling 603.918.6510 or email

Trainings can be delivered virtually.


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