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There is an exit strategy for the War on Drugs

There are over 1.5 million drug arrests every year, around 84 percent of which are for drug possession only.

Our nation’s drug problem is really a drug war problem.

History, research, empirical data, and successful drug policy from Europe and Canada show us that punitive measures for using and sharing drugs only make drug use more dangerous.

The War on Drugs is the perfect system for drug addiction to thrive and proliferate.

Prohibition drives drug use deeper into the shadows and every week two new drugs are found on the illicit market.

Offer evidence-based harm reduction strategies for those who use drugs, this includes supervised consumption spaces, syringe service programs, drug testing programs, access to naloxone, and offering services to people who use drugs.

We have spent a long time beating the war drums, waging war against people like me who use and share drugs.

To turn the tide on the addiction crisis we must end the failed Drug War and reunite prisoners of war with their loved ones.

What do you think?

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