5 Life Skills You’ll Need in Recovery and Where to Learn Them

5 Life Skills You’ll Need in Recovery and Where to Learn Them

If you were addicted to drugs or alcohol throughout your teens or young adulthood, you probably missed on out on learning essential life skills.

Not only are you adjusting to your new, sober life, but you’re also making up for lost time in learning life skills that are important for success.

The good news is that most recovery programs can help you through this gap, and your sober community can help you learn these essential life skills.

From conflict resolution to writing a resume and managing your finances, here are some things that everyone should learn in early recovery, and where you can find support for learning them.

How To Write A Résumé Many people look for a job in early recovery, so having a resume on hand to highlight your skills is important.

How To Create Healthy Boundaries One of the most important skills in recovery is knowing how to set and stick to your boundaries.

You need to decide what your boundaries will be, communicate them to the people involved, and stick to the stated consequences if people violate your boundaries. Please Contact Us with any questions you may have.


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