Month: January 2020

Insight for the Journey: Understanding Assertive Behavior

Insight for the Journey: Understanding Assertive Behavior

Assertive traits include being confident, straightforward, and honest. Assertive people express their ideas, feelings and desires without second guessing or apology. Being assertive is a difficult skill to master, yet with practice can transform your communication and increase your self-esteem. Assertive people are responsible for their moods and words and respectful of the thoughts and …

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3 Tips to Set Fitness Goals that Stick Beyond the New Year

3 Tips to Set Fitness Goals that Stick Beyond the New Year

Can reality and fitness goals exist past the January hype? More importantly, can reality and fitness goals ever exist at the same time? It may seem crazy, but yes, yes they can. Remember our friend, SMART goals? Let’s spell it out together: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based If you’re already a #NoomNerd, you know exactly what we’re talking about. You’ve spent time making your goals SMART and then what? A week of success, maybe two and then what? Things to keep in mind to set your SMART goals to follow a sustainable routine. Enjoyable, not forced “I hate running” VS “I enjoy dancing” Which sounds appealing? Which sounds sustainable? When setting SMART fitness goals, think about what’s enjoyable to you. Think about what excites you and think creatively with how you can incorporate something you enjoy into some sort of movement. Think about fitness goals you know you could achieve. Remember, small goals lead to big successes! Thinking about setting your own SMART goals that will stick? Start talking to a Noom coach now! We’re here for you on New Year’s and every day till next year. 3 Tips to Set Fitness Goals that Stick Beyond the New Year

Free NAADAC Webinar

The 2020 NAADAC Free Webinar Series Schedule Has Been Released! 

NAADAC Free Webinar Series NAADAC is happy to offer free addiction-specific education through its Free Webinar Series.  The 2020 Free Webinar Series releases two live webinars per month, which are then captured and made available for future viewing in NAADAC’s Free On-Demand Webinar Library. NAADAC members can get free continuing education hours (CEs) for this webinar series.  While …

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Setting Intentions for the New Year

Setting Intentions for the New Year: How to Make Your Resolutions a Reality

The New Year gives us an exciting and fresh opportunity that we don’t always feel we get the rest of the year. We can think of ourselves like that mountain goat! In this cold, dark time of the year, we too have to forge rocky terrain to get to those parts of ourselves where we see more light. When we set our New Year’s resolutions, we can set ourselves up for success by outlining all the necessary SMART goal components. We can ask ourselves: is this really sustainable for me all year? How specific is my goal? Is this attainable in my lifestyle right now, or is this something I need to gradually work my way up to? Is this relevant to where I’m at on my journey right now? And then we can make our goals time-based by breaking it down into smaller, bite-sized chunks. Reminders could be little notes to ourselves, motivational quotes, a mantra, or even scheduling events on our calendars to check in with ourselves about the goal. Lastly, be gentle with ourselves! Change takes both hard work and time. What are the ways we can reward ourselves for our efforts and give ourselves a little sweetness? When we reach a milestone, we can treat ourselves to some self love! We need to do those things that bring us joy, be it diving into a good book, a hot bath, a new outfit, a massage, a class we’ve wanted to take, etc. What are some ways your making changes in the New Year?

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